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Engaging students can be difficult – especially when they expect quick results. Today there are tons of programming languages out there for kids to learn, but few are great at truly engaging students with coding, which is why we love robotics! Learning to code through lego robotics is a fantastic and increasingly popular way to engage students through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with programming and coding.


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A public speaking course can positively impact your child and those around them.

Public speaking presents itself as a challenge to many people – children and adults alike. In any given classroom setting, only a handful of students feel comfortable and confident enough to speak out and even less to deliver a full persuasive argument to their peers. But public speaking offers benefits to kids, which is why we feel it is important that your kids are prepared for life by learning about speaking through our DASH Public Speaking and Presentation course. Students who are trained in public speaking are better able to overcome fear when speaking up in front of not only crowds, but their peers. Here are three more exceptional benefits that public speaking has on your child.


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Discover these fun STEM for kids activities that won’t cost you a dime!

Taking a STEM education out of the classroom is easier than you may think! Exploring the elements of STEM is primarily about asking questions – which is something kids are good at! Try one or all of these free activities to get your kids asking burning questions and brainstorming new ones while gaining a new perspective on the world around them through the lenses of STEM. 

Pick up old tech items. See if you can figure out (as a team) how they run. How do music tapes work? What kind of data is stored on vinyl?

Start a garden. Kids will love caring for their plants while asking questions along the way. Why do some plants only grow during certain times of the year? How long does it take for a plant to germinate? How does photosynthesis work? Starting a garden will also teach them consistency, a valuable component of all experiments.

Take a nature walk. Collect bugs and identify plants on a nature walk while grabbing some fresh air! Sometimes the most exciting discoveries are those found in or near your own yard.

Make slime. Regardless of how messy it is or how much it can get stuck in your carpet, let them make slime! Kids can learn about chemical reactions while feeling and seeing the results.

Build a bridge from popsicle sticks. Save up those popsicle sticks to hone in on your student’s inner engineering skills. Once the bridge is built, see how much weight it can withstand.

Learn to code! Coding is actually a lot of fun – even for kids. Coding teaches them a variety of skills, from math abilities to analytical thinking. Look for coding apps for kids that offer tutorials that teach them how to create while having fun. Coding for kids and even programming for kids can be fun no matter what your age if you are new to the programming world. Check out some of the apps for yourself!


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Stem Education Should Be a Priority Before Grade School

Traditionally, students do not begin learning about STEM subjects (which include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) until elementary school. But students begin taking their first steps into the world of academics at home with you, which is why early education can help to set a sturdy foundation for these technical academic subjects. There are several benefits to looking for age-appropriate ways to introduce STEM to your young one.