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5 Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code

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There are many reasons why kids should learn coding. Coding offers more than just future job benefits to students who learn about it. Coding also encourages creativity, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and other skills that will benefit your child throughout his life.

Here are five reasons why your child should learn to code.

Programmers Are in High Demand

There is a major shortage of computer science majors. According to research from, 71 percent of new STEM jobs are in computing, but only 8 percent of STEM graduates work in computer science. What’s more is that computer science majors can earn up to 40 percent more than average.

Students Better Understand the World Around Them

Many of us have no idea how smartphones and video games work or the ins-and-outs of social media networks. By learning coding, even basic programming knowledge can make a difference in the way we interact with and understand the daily technologies we encounter.

Competitive Advantage in the College and Job Market

If a student has a skill that many of his peers are lacking, he is often considered more desirable in the eyes of potential college admissions personnel and even employers.

Encourages Creativity

Coding empowers students to not only use or consume technology and digital media but to create. Rather than just using an app or playing a video game, students can use their creative imaginations to make their own apps or games or websites – and they will have an understanding of how to pursue generating that idea into a reality.

Improves Persistence

Learning any new discipline is challenging – including learning to code. When students learn coding, they are forced to tackle complex problems and will undoubtedly face challenges or make mistakes along the way, which can be frustrating at times. Learning coding teaches the desirable skill of persistence during these challenges, encouraging students to look for solutions while learning to problem solve, which will do them good for their entire lives.