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3 Benefits Public Speaking Has on Your Child

A public speaking course can positively impact your child and those around them.

Public speaking presents itself as a challenge to many people – children and adults alike. In any given classroom setting, only a handful of students feel comfortable and confident enough to speak out and even less to deliver a full persuasive argument to their peers. But public speaking offers benefits to kids, which is why we feel it is important that your kids are prepared for life by learning about speaking through our DASH Public Speaking and Presentation course. Students who are trained in public speaking are better able to overcome fear when speaking up in front of not only crowds, but their peers. Here are three more exceptional benefits that public speaking has on your child.

Improved Academic Performance

The skills acquired through education that focuses on public speaking offer a boost in all areas of life. Starting in middle school and lasting through adulthood, some sort of presentation will inevitably be required (be it in the classroom for a grade or the workforce for pay). Critical thinking skills are necessary for life and public speaking encourages the research and analytical thought processes needed to adequately argue a case in front of a group.

Improved Listening Skills

Public speaking also encourages kids to become better listeners. Kids who are exposed to public speaking encounter a variety of different opinions and viewpoints. When kids are taught public speaking, they learn to understand where another is coming from and to pay attention to details. This not only will impact their lives academically but their relationships as well.

Confidence to Speak Up for Good

In a world of compounding peer pressure, many kids are quieted by fear. The confidence to convey your opinion makes a world of difference and can influence others for good, making a positive impact. The school years are times of ample amounts of personal growth and change. There will inevitably be people around your child who could use encouragement to make the best choices. Those who are encouraged through public speaking may be a good resource for peers who need positive encouragement when making important decisions.