3 Reasons Why STEM Education Is Beneficial for Kindergarteners

Stem Education Should Be a Priority Before Grade School

Traditionally, students do not begin learning about STEM subjects (which include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) until elementary school. But students begin taking their first steps into the world of academics at home with you, which is why early education can help to set a sturdy foundation for these technical academic subjects. There are several benefits to looking for age-appropriate ways to introduce STEM to your young one.

Develop an Early Interest

When you implement STEM topics early on, there is a higher likelihood that you will engage the child’s interest than you would if his exposure was delayed until later in his education. Research has found that one-third of students lose interest in science by the fourth grade, while half of students lose interest in the subject or coin it as irrelevant to their future plans by eighth grade. If your child is not exposed to STEM subjects until high school, he will likely already have lost interest in the field before he is even given the opportunity to truly engage.

Prepare for the Future

By piquing interest in STEM for your child, you can help them to obtain financial security later in life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report, which found that 93 percent of STEM occupations offer higher-than-average salaries in the United States. The demand for these positions is expected to continue to increase by as much as 9 percent by the year 2024. By developing a sturdy foundation during the early years of academia, you may increase the chances that your children will go on to careers that are rewarding both intellectually and financially.

Set an Example

You have the opportunity to set an example as a parent or teacher by being excited about STEM subjects, such as science and math. If your kids see how excited you are about the subjects, they will become more curious about it themselves. The chances of students having an interest in the subjects their teachers are passionate about may decrease as they get older, so opening the doors to STEM subjects early on may increase their chances of engaging.