Digital Art Classes

The tools for making masterpieces!

In our Digital Drawing classes, students learn to use a program called Sketchbook to create incredible digital art! Sketchbook features 100s of brushes, a layering system, predictive stroke to clean up shaky lines and countless other tools to help students create incredible art! In each class session students learn a new artistic skill, such as perspective or shading, and then apply it in their version of that day’s awesome drawing prompt. With great instructors to guide them, fun and intuitive projects, and incredible tools at their disposal, all it takes to make an artistic masterpiece is a love for art!

Class Features!


Learning Sketchbook, a non-vector based program that’s intuitive to learn, and getting experience that carries into most drawing and design programs.
Integrating elements of traditional into a digital art such as: Line,Shape, Form, Texture, Value, and Space
Each level consists of 6 classes once a week
Students working independently on a new and interesting art project in each session!
Students will be given a pendrive as a takeaway at the end of the course with all their projects.
Students get to use Wacom tablets*, pressure sensitive drawing pads that give all the functionality and specificity as any manual drawing tool!

This 3D Modeling course is a basic course that introduces students to 3D concepts and design, which could lead students on career pathways like 3D Animation, Game Design, or Special Effects. Students will learn the basics of 3D Modeling using Blender, an open-source software, with concepts applicable to any other 3D software. The course will bring the students through the interface of the software, into the process of creating models from basic primitive shapes, and eventually creating good UV layouts to be able to apply a texture to the objects created. If you like 3D animation, games, or visual effects movies, join us in this fun adventure!!! Level 2 and 3 coming soon!

Class Features!


Learn a software that is used by top class professional animators and game designers!
Interested adults can test waters with this course to see whether 3D animation is suited for you!
This course consists of 12, 90 minute classes once or twice a week
Learn how AAA games like Grand Theft Auto use this technology to create highly realistic objects and environments
Applying realistic textures, lighting principles and techniques, camera types and their appropriate usage.