After School Classes 2023-24

Lego® Robotics and STEM Enrichment at your school!

After School Robotics & STEM Enrichment Program – where your child’s love for learning ignites and their creativity soars. Our program empowers young minds to turn their dreams into tangible achievements. From the captivating realm of hands-on robotics, where they construct robots from scratch, to the enchanting world of digital artistry, where drawings burst to life with vivid hues and mesmerizing animations – the horizons of their imagination stretch limitlessly. They’ll unleash their inner game designer, dive into coding escapades, and master the craft of building Lego® robots. Join us in nurturing a generation of innovators, dreamers, and creators. Uncover your child’s potential today by enrolling in our After School Robotics & STEM Enrichment Program.

In-person classes are now available in the following locations. Simply click on the school name to register your child. Join us in shaping bright futures and nurturing curious minds. Register today.