Lego® Robotics

Build and design your way through STEM!

Does your student love Lego? Nothing turns that interest into a great new skillset like an IntelliBricks Lego Engineering and Robotics class! Our classes are a fantastic way for any student to explore the basics of engineering and programming. In our robotics classes students will build through Lego construction projects designed to demonstrate key principles of engineering, code with an intuitive drag-and-drop program to bring their creations to life and play and play with their new model. Whether it’s the more simple motors and systems used by our younger students in Lego Robotics, or the impressive array of sensors and options used by older students in our Mindstorms classes, or letting your student’s creativity run wild while learning the ins and outs of the animation and editing process with our Stop Motion Animation classes, our Lego programs have so much in store for your student!  

Class Features!

New and interesting projects every day!

Featuring 1000s of Legos for each class to build, program and play

Incorporates teamwork, building social skills like creativity collaboration and communication

Laptops and all supplies provided by IntelliBricks

Students partner with another child to build a model. Each pair will be provided with a laptop to work with

Take home report after each class

See all our great programs below!

Lego Robotics with WeDo is like bringing a Lego build to life! Students work in pairs to create exciting and interesting models from standard Lego bricks and special WeDo elements like motors and sensors, each class featuring its own unique theme like Animal World or AdventureBots, with a different model for each session! Each model is designed to teach a specific aspect or system used in real-world engineering!  Then, once their masterpiece is constructed, the students work with their partner in the WeDo drag-and-drop system to make a code that brings their creation to life. Whether it’s the raising and dropping of a drawbridge, or the exciting speeding of a race car! And the fun’s not over yet, as students can use a vast array of elements to attempt to improve their build, or make a whole new creation at the end of the class! Lego WeDo Robotics teach lasting skills in engineering and coding, with all the fun and creativity of an afternoon building with friends!

Age: 9 and up

Perfect for Older students, Our Mindstorms classes use LEGO technic elements and an advanced, but still intuitive, coding system to allow students to create devices and code solutions in a real-world context. Using these unique Lego® in conjunction with the slightly advanced drag-and-drop EV3 coding platform, students will be solving challenges using physical problem-solving tools, as their code comes to life in a way they can see, hear, touch, and even chase across the room! The EV3 platform is simple enough for children, yet powerful enough to be used by professional engineers to build prototypes of their real-life projects, teaching students the basics of coding that remain relevant and necessary across platforms and well into their future.

Age: 7 and up

The LEGO® Minecraft Class is an exciting and educational experience into the world of stop-motion animation production. Using LEGO® building sets based off of the Minecraft theme, students will stage their own scenes from a storyboard and take photos of the scene to tell a story. Then they will edit the images in the Frames 6 animation software where they will add effects, sound and more. Finally, they will export their project to a video file that they can take home on a USB drive. 

Some of the features of the class include:

  • Working in teams to collaborate and create animation projects for each day
  • A new and unique Minecraft theme for each day, including castle, cave and End worlds
  • Use of illustrated storyboards to plan out the narrative of the project
  • Photography of the LEGO® sets in action to create slides for stop-motion animation
  • Computer animation software to edit images using green screen, effects and sound