Frequently Asked Questions

Registration questions

How do I use the multiple registration discount?

The multiple registration and sibling discounts are automatically applied at checkout. No code is needed.

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What if I cannot register online?

Please call us at 916.577.5115 to register by phone or email us at Unfortunately we don’t accept registrations by mail.

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What payment methods do you accept?

At this time we accept only credit and debit cards.

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Do you accept homeschool vouchers?

Yes, we are vendors for many homeschool groups. Please check with us to make sure your homeschool group is one of them before registering.

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Can I sign up in the middle of a session, do you prorate the fee?

It depends on the type of session. Some sessions like Lego Robotics and Digital Drawing can be joined as long as there is space available. The system will automatically prorate the price. For other classes, registrations close as soon as the sessions start. If the registrations are open, you will see the class listed on our website.

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Where can I find a copy of the waiver signed?

Copy of the waiver signed can be found at this link

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What is the Instructor Student Ratio


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Credits, Makeup classes and Refunds

What is your refund policy?

All refunds are subject to $15 processing fee and will be issued only up to a day before the class starts. No refunds will be processed after the class starts.

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My child missed a class, can I get a refund?

No refunds will be issued for missed classes. We offer a prorated credit for up to 1 missed class every 6 weeks which can be used for future registration on our request.

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Do you offer makeup classes if my child is absent for a class?

No makeups will be offered for the classes that your child was absent from. We offer a prorated credit for up to 1 missed class every 6 weeks which can be used for future registration on our request.

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How can I use the credit in my account?

When you log in to your account and purchase a class from us, credit will be automatically applied to your purchase.

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What If I cannot find a class that I like to register? What happens to my credit?

IntelliBricks is offering a variety of classes for different age groups. The credit in your account can be used to register for any member of your family. It can also be used to register for summer camps , please note that the credit never expires.

However if the credit was issued due to the Covid cancellations and if you cannot find a class you want to register please follow the link below to submit a refund request. As we are facing an unprecedented number of class cancellations, refund requests can take up to 30 days to process.

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Setting up IntelliBricks classes in your school/ homeschool group

I don’t see my child’s school as part of your program, how can I get IntelliBricks classes at their school?

If IntelliBricks programs are not at your child’s school the best way to get them started is to bring it up to your school’s PTA or Principal. The more interest at your child’s school for our program the better! Please have either someone from the PTA or the School contact us to get a program started at your school.

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In-Person Classes: Lego® Classes

Do I need to purchase a Lego® kit to participate in the class?

IntelliBricks will provide all Lego® required for the class. Please note that children cannot take home any Lego® creations created during the class.

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What kind of project will children work on during the class?

Depending on the theme of the session students will build a working model of a machine. Say for example if the theme is “battle bots”, students will build a turbo tank for one class, crossbow for the next class and so on. Each class is a new project and a new concept.

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What kind of coding will students do during the Lego® Robotics classes?

Students will use a drag and drop interface to program their models during the Lego® Robotics classes.

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Should the students clean up after the class?

Yes students should dismantle their Lego creations and place them on the tray provided to them.

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In-Person Classes: Viewing your child’s work

How will I know what my child has created during the class?

We provide robotics class students with a take home report that detail the concept covered in class. For schools that do not follow a closed campus policy parents may arrive 10 minutes early to come and see what their student has created. If your child is enrolled in stop motion animation or digital drawing, we send out a pendrive as take away at the end of the course where you can view their creations.

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I don’t see my child’s digital drawing/stop motion animation that they did this week, where is it?

Students are given a pendrive as take away at the end of their 6/8 week sessions with all their projects.

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Can students get a copy of the lesson that they learned the day of class?

Unfortunately students cannot get a copy of the lesson that they learned, all lessons are the intellectual property of IntelliBricks. However, students are given a Take Home Report that contains the concept that they learned for the day.

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In-Person Classes: Sign out procedures and late pick up

Do I really need to bring my ID everytime I pick up my child?

Yes, in order to ensure the safety of our students we ask that you bring a valid photo ID when picking up your child. In the event that the instructor changes for your child’s class they will ask for ID to confirm your identity. If you do forget your ID, Instructors do have a process to confirm your identity.

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Why can’t parents/guardians come right into the classroom?

To ensure the safety of IntelliBricks students, we require parents/guardians to wait either by the door or the designated pick up area. This will ensure a safe and easy sign out procedure. Please show a valid current picture ID and sign your child out before leaving.

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Do you have a late pick up policy?

Our policy about late pick up is as follows: After a 15 minute grace period from class being dismissed a fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged, only authorized parents/guardians can sign out a child from the class. If there is someone else who you need to add to the pick up list, please contact IntelliBricks before the class starts.

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