Ruhkala Elementary 

LEGO® Engineers and Robotic Club

All Proceeds Benefit NODE Project!

IntelliBricks Engineering and Robotics classes introduce children to concepts in robotics, physics and mechanical engineering.  Through hands on activities we build models that mimic real life mechanisms and explore gears, motors, wheels, axles, pulleys, sensors, etc.  Each week entails a different activity, we may build a car and race it to see which axle works better or build a LEGO® catapult to see who shoots the brick farthest. Our experienced instructors will guide your children through each project. We provide all LEGO® elements and touch screen laptops for programming.  End of the class, students are given a take home report. These reports reinforce the concepts and key vocabulary they learnt for the day. 

Who: Grades 1-6 
Cost: $14 per child per day
When: 2:40 pm to 4:10 pm
Where: Ruhkala Elementary, Room 21

Register for one day to experience LEGO robotics at minimum cost


Register for as many classes as you want, preferably not on the same week. 
We will be offering one lesson every week

Space is limited to 10 students per class. Check the spot availability in the front office before registering for a specific date.

To Register, please print the form below and submit at the front office:

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*Child's photo will be posted on Facebook and this website only if parent grants us permission while registering.