Home Schooled children can enroll for our programs conducted at local community centers. For a schedule of programs in your location visit schedules page.

Parents can also contact IntelliBricks to organize a program for your children. Minimum number of kids to start a home school class is 6. Classes can be conducted at a local library, community center or your home.

Our classes are typically 5-6 weeks long and are conducted once a week. Each week students will engage in different types of lessons like robotics,simple machines, motorized mechanisms, renewable energy, pneumatics, story visualization, etc. 


Children will work in small teams of 2-3. Working in teams, promotes team work and communication skills. At the same time small team size ensures that, each kid gets a chance to work on model building and programming. 

At the end of class, students are given a take home report. These reports reinforce the concepts and key vocabulary learned for the day.