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Frequently Asked Questions

Will IntelliBricks instructors pick up children from the Kindergarten before the IntelliBricks class starts?

IntelliBricks instructors will pick up the children from their Kindergarten class room before the IntelliBricks class in certain schools. In schools where the pickup services are not offered, parents/ responsible adults are required to drop the children in IntelliBricks classroom. Grades 1 and above should walk to the IntelliBricks classroom by themselves.

How will the Kindergarten Pick up procedure work?

IntelliBricks instructors will walk to each Kindergarten class with the list of students enrolled and take them to the IntelliBricks class room. If your child is absent for the day, please inform us beforehand. Please inform the kindergarten teacher regarding your child’s enrollment in IntelliBricks.If you have not provided the name of your Kindergarten teacher during registration, please follow the link below to provide the necessary information.

Will IntelliBricks instructors pick up Kindergartners from their class rooms for all schools?

Pick up from Kindergarten is offered in the following schools

Pickup from Kindergarten is not offered in the following schools

Antelope Creek Elementary

Breen Elementary

Cobblestone Elementary

Loomis Basin Charter School

Parker Whitney Elementary

Rock Creek Elementary

Rocklin Elementary

Ruhkala Elementary

Sierra Elementary

Twin Oaks Elementary

Valley View Elementary


Blue Oaks Elementary

Catheryn Gates Elementary

Crestmont Elementary School

Diamond Creek Elementary

Ferris Spanger

Rocklin Academy Meyers

Thomas Jefferson


Will IntelliBricks instructors pick up or drop off children at the after school care?

IntelliBricks Instructors will not pick up children from the after school care before the class starts or drop them at the after school care after the class ends. Please talk to the after school care coordinator for making arrangements regarding pick up and drop off.

How will I use the multiple registration discount?

Multiple registration discount will work if you register 2 or more participants in the same registration or if you register the same participant in two or more classes.  To get the multiple registration discount, please start by registering for one class, as you press “next” and move to the next steps, the software will give you an option to add another participant. That's when you add the second participant or a second session for your child. As you proceed through the registration past that, you will be given an option to enter the discount code " MULTIREG". 

How will I know what my child created during the class?

We provide a take home report each day detailing what we created during the day. Our reports are a great way to reinforce concepts learned during each class. We also share the pictures taken during the class to the parents, after the session ends.  Sample models will be displayed near the door, to show what projects children built during the class.

Why can’t parents walk inside the class room while they pick up the child?

In order to ensure safe pickup and manage sign outs, we request the parents to stay near the door and wait for your child to come to you.  Make sure to sign your child out before taking him outside the class room and also be prepared to show your ID.  Sample models will be displayed near the door, to show what projects children built during the class.

Should the students buy the Lego kits during registration to participate in the class?

Purchasing Lego is optional. IntelliBricks will supply all Lego required for the class.  Please note that children cannot take home any Lego creations created during the class.  The Lego purchased in the store, will be delivered on the first day of the class and it is solely for playing at home. 

Where can I find the copy of waiver signed?

Copy of the waiver can be found at the following link: