At IntelliBricks we believe that play is a wonderful basis for learning. Our classes offer students a stimulating, hands-on learning experience and an opportunity for the young minds to explore STEM concepts. From literacy to numeracy our LEGO® based programs are appropriately tailored for ages 6 to 12. Our lesson plans for elementary school students are designed to challenge their minds to promote language, science, math and engineering education. With slightly challenging LEGO® models we explore robotics, simple machines, compound machines, pneumatic, renewable energy, structure, language arts etc.
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After school Classes 2017
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IntelliBricks is proud to partner with PodPi to bring you a series of electronics and JavaScript coding lessons using a coming book format for ages 9 and above !

What is PodPi?

Lego Robotics


Thank you very much for the pictures. Noah had a wonderful time in the class and hopes to be able to do it again.

-Jenn. J

Thank you so much, he absolutely loved it and did not want camp to end. Let us know of upcoming classes of yours.


Thank you so much, Priya! Andy had an awesome time.


Great Experience--thank you, my daughter had the best time.

-Deborah. T

My child loves this class. We are looking forward to more sessions after spring break!


Ian had a great time today! Can’t wait until next week.



Thank you City of Lodi for featuring us on the front page!